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Petroleum and Petrochemical Removal

   For years, we have heard how oil and its derivatives cause irreparable harm to nature, animals and all living things in nature. In rivers, oceans, seas and lakes, we see how oil spills adversely affect the entire aquatic life and depletes some species.
   Until now, this dramatic problem has not been completely solved in the world and during the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, Humanity has not been able to see the tragic consequences of these accidents for the environment and even for human life.
So far, the petrochemical industry has not known how to deal with the horribly accumulated oil wastes, and these wastes have severely polluted our beautiful blue planet in black spots. These wastes rapidly turn areas like Paradise into dead zones.
   The petrochemical industry has been confronted with the question of how to clean up environmental disasters caused by refineries, oil pipelines and already polluted areas around them without further pollution and risk. There is an endless thin layer of oil surrounding the oil wells. This layer covers large surfaces by spreading with the wind. This thin oil strip, which is already a thick molecule, thus spreads and eventually becomes a layer.
When we look at the tankers carrying oil transportation from land and sea, we can see the sedimentation that has occurred for years, the damages in mechanical parts, the wear and the blockages in the systems.
   Until fuel spills are detected at the oil stations, they cause serious damage to the environment and underground water resources, while posing a serious threat to residential areas.
   When all of this is added to the damage suffered by life on Earth, fatal consequences emerge.
These damages bring financial and operational problems to the oil industry.
   However, we offer a solution to all these problems. Designed specifically for this purpose, AyDo™ SIW Oil Break effectively responds to the environmental disasters we have ever encountered due to oil and its derivatives, eliminates the risk of oil spills and pollution and allows us to live in a healthy environment again.

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We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk