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Flame Safe

With its special formulation of AyDo™ SIW Flame Safe, it is suitable for forest, wood, tent, carpet, rug, fabric, etc. combustible textile products become non-flammable easily. It is sufficient to process the material with AyDo™ SIW Flame Safe. If desired, the waterproofing of such materials can be provided at once with the same process. Tent fires, Roof fires, Forest fires, etc., which we encounter frequently and result in sad ends. Preventing fires is extremely easy and economical.

With AyDo™ SIW Flame Safe, if the areas of our forests that are known to be sensitive to fire are sprayed before the fire season, fires will not break out in those areas. With the additional maintenance works to be carried out at intervals throughout the season, the process can be continued without any problems until the end of the season.

It can be used easily and safely in all kinds of materials in the air, at sea and on land. It does not require special apparatus and conditions for its application and storage.






























We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk